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Reception will be open from 9am-3pm from Monday 9 August until 8am on Tuesday 31 August inclusive.

On Results Days – 10 & 12 August – Reception will be open from 8am-3.30pm. Students will be able to access their results from 8.30am on the day, via their Student Advantage account. Please check that you are able to access your Student Advantage account before 6pm on Sunday 8 August and e-mail ithelpdesk@bhasvic.ac.uk if support is needed. Please check the front page of the VLE and FAQs for further information on Results Days.

Please do continue to use email as your first form of communication and bear in mind that many of our staff will be on annual leave during this period.

Please continue to check our website for any updates. FAQs with our latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found HERE

#BeMoreBHASVIC Wellbeing support

Throughout our students’ time at BHASVIC we are always looking for ways to promote and support positive wellbeing and mental health. We are as committed to helping students’ personal development as we are to their academic development and our wellbeing support plays a major role in this.

Underpinning everything we do is the concept of #BeMoreBHASVIC – we want our students to Be Happy, Active, Successful, Valued, Independent members of the college Community. At the heart of this approach is ‘Be Happy’. We understand that no one can be happy all the time, and that happiness is a very personal concept, but we are committed to delivering our students a positive college experience and giving them the tools to build greater happiness now and in the future.

For young people college represents a safe space, a place to be themselves, and structure and security in their daily lives. Within this space we have a variety of ways in which we encourage and support our students’ wellbeing. Alongside their friends and teachers there are two key members of BHASVIC that will support students on a regular basis, Personal Tutors & Guidance Managers - you can read more about these roles below.

We hope you find this information useful, for more details on the support available for students at BHASVIC please visit our page on dedicated support here.

James Barton
Guidance Manager / Emotional Health & Wellbeing Lead 


  • Wellbeing Support - Getting Ready for A2 (Year 13)   - A webinar about managing exam stress and making a positive transition into your second year, introduced by James Barton (Guidance Manager within our Guidance & Student Services team) and presented by Andrew Wright our Wellbeing Partner.
  • NEW STUDENTS (YEAR 11), PARENTS AND CARERS - Andrew Wright of NeuroNinja fame is working with us and you throughout June and July to provide a series of wellbeing webinars designed to help you prepare for and successfully navigate your transition to sixth form study from school. The first  webinar took place on Wednesday 16 June please see a link to the recording Getting Ready for BHASVIC.
  • The follow-up webinar on Monday 5 July can be viewed HERE.
  • Our New Parents Information Evening took place on Thursday 8 July, a recording is available HERE, (subtitles will be available soon).
  • BHASVIC EX-STUDENTS - To support with your transition from BHASVIC and beyond we were delighted to offer a webinar which took place on Monday 28 June from our wellbeing partner Andrew Wright. The webinar introduces students, parents and carers to how to prepare for University, Apprenticeships, Work and Life Beyond College using innovative daily behaviours that work with the grain of your brain. The webinar covered: Powerful daily behaviours that will help you step into life at university, work, further study and beyond: Wellbeing Strand: Adaptive wellbeing in the times of change. Mind Management Strand: Stepping into challenge Unleashing Learning & Potential: Unleashing learning in adult life.  A recording of the webinar will be available on this page soon.
  • Our Wellbeing Partner Andrew Wright ran wellbeing webinars for students, parents and carers in March on how to manage our mental health, productivity and well-being in these complex times, to access recordings go to www.actionyourpotential.org. These webinars were an opportunity to take stock, understand our brains in a deeper way and get more out of them every day. Please see the 'Work with Andrew Wright' section below for more information and archives of previous material.
  • First Year student Evie Harman edits and helps design Bright Minds Magazine it deals with issues around mental health and gives a voice and platform to young creatives in Brighton and Hove.
  • Wellbeing & Mental health during lockdown. We have put together some advice and resources to help students to stay on top of their wellbeing during lockdown here
  • Guided relaxation sessions for all students: Wednesdays at 7.30pm via Zoom. If any student is feeling particularly unsettled or anxious, we are offering weekly guided relaxation sessions, led by Lindsey Hardman. All that is required is a quiet, comfortable space and good internet connection. Students who would like to take part should email wellbeing@bhasvic.ac.uk using their BHASVIC e-mail address and they will be sent a link to join
  • Mindfulness and Mind & Movement short courses. Students are able to sign up for weekly sessions in Mindfulness or Mind & Movement in which teachers trained in Mindfulness techniques will provide space and tools to develop a Mindfulness practice. Sessions are during normal college time via TEAMS on Mondays and Tuesdays. To request a place or find out more please email wellbeing@bhasvic.ac.uk
  • Brighton and Hove City Council - Triple P Parenting Workshops running in late February and March 2021  
  • BBC Radio Sussex show lifts lid on Raising Teens in Lockdown - Press Release - Raising Teens Series 3-10-May-2020, catch up on previous episodes here: Raising Teens
  • General Information & Advice for young people's support and services and maintaining positive wellbeing.
  • Follow student services on Facebook & Twitter 


All students have a weekly tutorial session with their Personal Tutor. Tutorial sessions support with important processes such as UCAS and Progress reviews, as well as exploring termly topics such as emotional health & wellbeing and life skills.

Each session has time allocated at the end for one-to-one catch-ups and students will meet with their tutor at least once a term for a one-to-one conversation to discuss how college is going, and whether there is anything that is worrying them or affecting their studies or well-being.

Personal Tutors are there to support students through their college experience and students are encouraged to ask to see their tutor for one-to-ones more often if they need extra support.

In addition to the support offered by tutors, all students are allocated to one of six Guidance Managers (GM’s). GM's are responsible for managing a group of Personal Tutors, and will handle the more serious issues that their tutees are experiencing. This includes extra support for students who are particularly vulnerable, especially when they are at risk of leaving the college early.

GM's are also responsible for discipline issues, and safeguarding concerns about the tutees in their groups. Please see Guidance and Student Services Team Details.

Each year the college runs a wellbeing peer mentoring group as part of the A2 portfolio course options. The students work with a range of professionals and college staff to develop ideas and resources to support BHASVIC students’ wellbeing and aid their professional development. In 2020 the group launched an Instagram page containing content on a range of wellbeing and mental health issues. Management of this account will be transferred to the new students each year and it will be kept updated throughout term time.
Read more about the Wellbeing Peer Mentors and how to get involved here

Our last two student ‘Emotional Health and Wellbeing’ surveys have identified the following five things as having the most positive impact on a student’s wellbeing:

  • Listening to music
  • Friendships and socialising
  • Good quality sleep
  • Watching films or TV
  • Managing my work well

These are simple ways to maintain positive wellbeing and fall under something we would call 'self-care'.  Throughout college we encourage students to identify the self-care techniques they find most useful and to build them into their daily routines. Our tutorial programme also features specific sessions on issues such as sleep and exercise.

We have worked with Andrew Wright of Action Your Potential for a number of years to develop a programme of Wellbeing support for students, parents and carers. Andrew's '12 Rocks of Wellbeing' are embedded into our tutorial work and college induction for new students and Andrew delivers bespoke webinars, workshops and videos throughout the year to support with specific elements of wellbeing. Archives of Andrew's resources are kept here whilst we will update students, parents and carers with up and coming activities through the welleing noticeboard, tutorial and newsletters.

During December Andrew delivered a Wellbeing Webinar Managing Emotion and Learning Through Daily Habits. Recordings of the series of shorter 30 minute wellbeing works webinars can also be viewed here:

Before the summer break Andrew delivered a series of webinars focusing on developing wellbeing skills:

We are also delighted that Andrew is now working with our Wellbeing Peer Mentors and is devising a podcast, BHASVICRocks to help students prepare for the new year and manage anxiety around exams: more details to follow; but check out the Action Your Potential website.  

Over the past couple of years, BHASVIC students have been involved in the #IAMWHOLE campaign, which aims to reduce the stigma around mental health #IAMWHOLE campaign.

Here are two videos from the campaign the first is made by BHASVIC TV and second reinforces the message that we are all responsible for thinking about the language we use, and suggesting changes to others when we hear stigmatising words and phrases:  Video