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Reception will be open from 9am-3pm from Monday 9 August until 8am on Tuesday 31 August inclusive.

On Results Days – 10 & 12 August – Reception will be open from 8am-3.30pm. Students will be able to access their results from 8.30am on the day, via their Student Advantage account. Please check that you are able to access your Student Advantage account before 6pm on Sunday 8 August and e-mail ithelpdesk@bhasvic.ac.uk if support is needed. Please check the front page of the VLE and FAQs for further information on Results Days.

Please do continue to use email as your first form of communication and bear in mind that many of our staff will be on annual leave during this period.

Please continue to check our website for any updates. FAQs with our latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found HERE


Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) is an independent Corporation formed under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992.

The Instrument and Articles of Government set out the Corporation’s powers, membership, roles and responsibilities which is supplemented by various other documentation including the financial memorandum, the Audit Code of Practice and law relating to equality and diversity and health and safety.

The College is funded predominantly by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The Members of the Corporation comprise individuals from business, local community, staff, students and parents. The College Principal is an ex-officio Member.

On this site you will find information about the Governors and the work of the Governing Body, including details of Corporation and Committee meetings and other key Governance documentation.

Expressions of interest in becoming a Governor of the College are always welcome and in the first instance, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation, Louise Pennington:  l.pennington@bhasvic.ac.uk

William Baldwin

Principal and Governor. Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum, Resources, Premises Group, Search & Governance

Sandra Prail

Chair of Governors. Committee Membership: Premises Group (Chair), Remuneration, Resources, Search & Governance

Neil Perry

Vice-Chair of Governors. Committee Membership: Remuneration (Chair), Search & Governance (Chair), Audit Committee

Tom Wolfenden

Vice-Chair of Governors. Committee Membership: Resources, Search and Governance, Remuneration, Premises Group

Mohammed Ahmed

Co-opted Member of the Audit Committee

Phil Anderson

Governor. Committee Membership: Audit Committee

Sarah Bovill

Co-opted Member of the Audit Committee

Jo Davies

Governor. Committee Membership: Audit Committee (Chair), Search & Governance

Gillian Hampden-Thompson

Governor. Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum Committee (Chair), Remuneration, Search & Governance

Julia Holgate Turner

Governor (Support Staff) Member of the Resources Committee

Kathryn MacVarish

Governor (Teaching Staff) Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum

Mick McLean

Governor. Committee Membership: Resources Committee

Chris Newson

Governor. Committee Membership: Resources

Marcus Palmer

Governor. Committee Membership: Resources Committee (Chair), Search & Governance, Premises Group

Chris Piper

Governor. Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum

Simon Porges

Governor (Parent) Member of Audit Committee

Jacquie Punter

Co-opted Member (Teaching Staff) of Quality & Curriculum

Jo Redfern

Governor. Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum

Louise Serpell

Governor (Parent) Member of Quality & Curriculum Committee

Mark Snape

Co-opted Member of Resources and Premises Group

Andrew Wright

Governor. Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum Committee

Roxanna Toyne

Governor (Student). Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum

Jiayua Liang

Governor (Student). Committee Membership: Quality & Curriculum


Arrangements for obtaining Stakeholders’ views


Instrument and Articles of Government


Corporation Membership


Corporation & Committee Meeting Dates


Governor Role Description


BHASVIC Code of Conduct





Minutes Corporation 08.12.20

Minutes Corporation 06.07.20

Minutes Special Corporation 30.04.20

Minutes Corporation 23.03.20

Minutes Special Corporation 25.02.20

Minutes Corporation 09.12.19

Minutes Corporation 08.07.19

Minutes Corporation 18.03.19

Minutes Corporation 10.12.18

Minutes Corporation 09.07.18

Minutes Corporation 19.03.18

Minutes Corporation 12.12.17

Minutes Corporation 12.07.17

Minutes Corporation 03.04.17

Minutes Corporation 06.12.16

Minutes Corporation 11.07.16

Minutes Corporation 21.03.16



Minutes Audit 25.11.20

Minutes Audit 25.06.20

Minutes Audit 28.11.19

Minutes Audit 19.06.19

Minutes Audit 29.11.18

Minutes Audit 04.07.18

Minutes Audit 12.03.18

Minutes Audit 05.12.17

Minutes Audit 28.06.17

Minutes Audit 23.03.17

Minutes Audit  24.11.16

Minutes Audit 21.06.16

Minutes Audit 10.03.16



Agenda S&G 22.03.21

Agenda S&G 18.11.20

Agenda S&G 05.10.20

Agenda S&G 25.02.20

Agenda S&G 07.10.19

Agenda S&G18.03.19

Agenda S&G 08.10.18


Minutes Q&C 16.11.20

Minutes Q&C 15.06.20

Minutes Q&C 04.03.20

Minutes Q&C 18.11.19

Minutes Q&C 10.06.19

Minutes QC 05.03.19

Minutes QC 08.11.18

Minutes QC 11.06.18

Minutes QC 07.03.18

Minutes QC 9.11.17

Minutes QC 05.06.17

Minutes QC 01.03.17



Minutes R 23.11.20

Minutes R 22.06.20

Minutes R 25.02.20

Minutes R 25.11.19

Minutes R 11.06.19

Minutes R 04.03.19

Minutes R 26.11.18

Minutes R 20.06.18

Minutes R 06.03.18

For further information about the Corporation or becoming a Governor, please contact:

Louise Pennington
Governance Director - Clerk to the Corporation
205 Dyke Road
East Sussex

E -mail: l.pennington@bhasvic.ac.uk
Telephone: 01273 552200

Non-confidential Corporation and Committee meeting papers are not included on this web-site but are available to be viewed by contacting the Clerk to the Corporation.

BHASVIC: www.bhasvic.ac.uk

From the Main Page, under ‘The College’, there are three other pages that are highly relevant to governors:
•    Governors
•    Policies
•    Performance: includes Exam Results, Ofsted information, Annual Reports and DfE performance data

Department for Education (DfE): www.gov.uk/government/collections/further-education-and-sixth-form-college-governors

Department for Education (DfE) performance tables: www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk

Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA): www.gov.uk.government/organisations/education-and-skills-funding-agency
The Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) merged in 2017.

Education and Training Foundation (ETF): www.et-foundation.co.uk
ETF is the Government backed sector owned national support body for FE education and training.

Sixth Form Colleges Association (SFCA): www.sixthformcolleges.org

Association of Colleges (AoC): www.aoc.co.uk

S7 Colleges: www.s7colleges.com/moodle

Ofsted: www.ofsted.gov.uk

Local Authority: www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/children-and-education/childrens-services

Local Safeguarding Children Board: www.brightonandhovelscb.org.uk

National Governance Association: www.nga.org.uk/Home.aspx