Important Information


Reception will be open from 9am-3pm from Monday 9 August until 8am on Tuesday 31 August inclusive.

On Results Days – 10 & 12 August – Reception will be open from 8am-3.30pm. Students will be able to access their results from 8.30am on the day, via their Student Advantage account. Please check that you are able to access your Student Advantage account before 6pm on Sunday 8 August and e-mail ithelpdesk@bhasvic.ac.uk if support is needed. Please check the front page of the VLE and FAQs for further information on Results Days.

Please do continue to use email as your first form of communication and bear in mind that many of our staff will be on annual leave during this period.

Please continue to check our website for any updates. FAQs with our latest information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found HERE

Please check this FAQs page regularly for new information and look out for emails from the Principal for updates

UPDATE Tuesday 13 July

Results Days: This accordion will remain at the top of the FAQs sections below throughout August and will be your first port of call for advice and information about your BHASVIC results, including what happens on Results Day, how to get support and advice and where to raise a query about your results.

Admissions: Our new students, parents and carers can find the latest information about transition to BHASVIC here, as well as on the notice board on our Admissions page

How are we spending our 16 to 19 Tuition Fund?  Our 16-19 tuition funding is supporting GSCE Subject Extensions and lockdown learning workshops for those with Additional Learning Support needs.

Please continue to scroll down to see the FAQ sections below.

Updated Thursday 17 June 2021


Sections in this FAQ

  1. Which courses does this cover
  2. Policy and Guides (Ofqual, JCQ and BHASVIC)
  3. General Questions


1. For which BHASVIC students is this FAQ section relevant?

This FAQ relates to students who will receive a final grade this summer for the courses they are taking with the college. Primarily, these students are A2 students. However, this FAQ also relates to some A1 students who will receive a grade for one or more of the courses they are taking in their first year. The relevant courses are:

    • A levels for A2 students
    • A2 BTECs and A2 Criminology
    • ESOL students completing their courses
    • All GCSE Maths and English Retakers
    • AS Level Recovery Courses for A2 students
    • EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)
    • A level Maths for A1 Doubles
    • Some A1 BTEC courses which accredit the first year of the two-year course


2. Policy and Guides

What is the BHASVIC Policy on determining grades for this summer?

The BHASVIC Policy for Determining Grades in Summer 2021 is available on our website in our Policies page, and was a requirement of JCQ's external quality assurance process. The policy needed to be completed by Friday 30 April and uploaded to JCQ and Exam Boards; it was also made available on our website from this date. 

What are the government publications and policies?

There are three main bodies who publish relevant policy and decisions – these are:

    1. The Department For Education (DfE) – ministerial government department.
    2. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) – regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.
    3. Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) - a membership organisation comprising the eight largest providers of qualifications in the UK (the Exam Boards or Awarding Bodies).

HELPFUL: Ofqual have published a Student Guide to Awarding Summer 2021 - this is a clear and straightforward overview of the entire process and is recommended by BHASVIC. JCQ have published an important document for students, parents and carers: JCQ-Guidance-for-Students-and-Parents-on-Summer-2021.pdf

The DfE and Ofqual jointly published guidance to schools, colleges and Exam Boards on the broad process for awarding grades and the release of results on 25 February 2021. You can read their General Qualifications decisions documents and Vocational and Technical Qualifications decisions documents for full details.

Stakeholders wishing to find the latest national documentation regarding grade awarding are advised to check the JCQ Summer 2021 webpage as a starting point.


3. General Questions

I want to raise a query about my grades, marks, circumstances or assessment evidence - who should I contact?

Now that grades have been determine and uploaded to the Awarding Organisations, students, parents, carers or other stakeholders cannot discuss or raise queries directly with staff and communications about grading must be processed centrally by the college’s Curriculum and Quality Team, comprising Heads of Faculty and the Deputy Principal. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or inadvertent breaches of grade awarding policy.

Raising queries before the end of term (up to Tuesday 13 July): All queries need to be processed centrally by emailing results2021@bhasvic.ac.uk – teachers and other staff cannot respond to queries they receive.

Raising queries in the Summer Holidays and before Results Day (Wednesday 14 July to Monday 9 August): there will not be staffing available to respond to queries – we ask that you raise these as part of the Results Day Help Desk (see below).

Raising queries on and after Results Day (from Tuesday 10 August): All queries need to be raised via the central BHASVIC Help Desk – communications sent to teachers, Heads of Department or other staff may receive no response and may also cause deadlines to be missed by the student.

How and when will I receive my results?

A/AS Level, BTEC, Criminology & EPQ Results Day is Tuesday 10 August and results will be released via your Advantage account at 8.30am

GCSE Maths and English Results Day is Thursday 12 August and your results will also be released via your Advantage Account at 8.30am

BHASVIC will provide online support from 8.30am and on site support for our vulnerable students from 9am

What is the Appeals process at BHASVIC?

We are currently finalising our policy and procedures and these will be ready and in place ahead of Results Day, Tuesday 10 August. We will make a guide available to everyone which explains our policy and procedures and we will provide FAQs, videos, guides, a Help Desk, workshops and specialist staff to support our students throughout August and September.

JCQ have provided guidance to all schools and colleges which we are using to inform our policy and procedures: JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021

GCSE Results Day FAQs

If am appealing one or more of my grades. I won't receive an outcome until after enrolment at BHASVIC. Will BHASVIC be flexible in accepting lower grades for enrolment? BHASVIC will only enrol students who hold the grades that meet the college’s entry requirements. For students who are appealing grades, we will not be able to enrol students at the college or on courses before the outcomes of an appeal are known.  If, following an appeal, the grades are changed and meet the college’s entry requirements, we will review our spaces and availability on courses, and the timing of the new results. If we have spaces and three weeks or less of lessons have passed, we will consider the case and may be able to enrol the student at the college or on the course.

I gained higher grades at GCSE than I expected and would like to apply to enrol at BHASVIC. What should I do? BHASVIC is oversubscribed and is running a waiting list for students who applied to us by our Priority Date on 4 January 2021. We advise you to explore alternative progression options available to you to study the courses you are interested in and to consult with your school or the Local Authority careers service to find a sixth form study place local to you.

If you would like BHASVIC to consider your case due to extenuating personal circumstances, please outline all the information you can provide in an email to Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk. Please be aware, however, that our waiting list does also include students with special considerations and extenuating circumstances and we are likely to need to prioritise these students for places.

My grade is not what I think it should be for one or more of my GCSEs – what can I do? There are limited grounds for appeal of the grades you have been awarded and your school will outline this process. Until we have evidence that a grade has been formally changed by the exam board, we will work with your published grades to get you on courses for which you qualify.

If your published grades do not enable you to study at BHASVIC, or they do not qualify you for enrolling on one or more of the subjects you wish, please see FAQs below.

If you believe you have a special case that BHASVIC should consider, we will only be able to discuss this with you in person and at your enrolment appointment, when our full team of senior advisors will be available. However, you may wish to provide us with early notice of your circumstances by emailing Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk.

Now I have my GCSE results, I’d like to request a change to one or more of my course choices. What should I do? Please email the full details of your request to Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk, providing your full name, all of your GCSE Results and the course(s) you want to change from/to.

Having requested a course change previously – how can I check whether I have been moved to my new course choice? We will be able to let you know the courses we have on your Study Programme at your enrolment appointment.

If your chosen courses and any course changes are not correct, discuss this with your enrolment advisor.

Summer Work – what work should I do if I may be making a course change? We encourage you to follow the summer work for a course you have been offered at interview but wish to change, and for any course you are seriously considering changing onto. Completing this work will give you even greater certainty about any changes that you may be seeking.

If you no longer qualify for a course, you will not be able to enrol on that course and will therefore no longer need to complete the summer work. In these cases, the course information as well as summer work videos can help you with decisions about alternative courses for which you qualify.

If you do not yet know which courses you will be taking, then you will have an opportunity to follow the summer work after your enrolment appointment for any course changes made.

Now I have my GCSE results, I’d like to check whether I have qualified to study at BHASVIC/ enrol on my chosen courses. How do I do this? Please check our Entry Requirements on our website for:

  • Your overall Study Programme and place at BHASVIC
  • Entry requirements for each of your chosen courses.

If you do not qualify for your agreed Study Programme or any one of your agreed courses, please see further answers below.

I gained all the grades I needed for my place at BHASVIC and on all my chosen courses and I do not want to change any of my courses. Do I need to do anything now that I have my GCSE results? A big well done and – no – there is nothing else you need to do except attend your enrolment appointment (see below).

I didn’t get the grade(s) I needed to enrol on one or more of my courses. What happens now? If you have still qualified to attend BHASVIC and have met our Entry Requirements for one of our Study Programmes, then we will advise you on alternative course choices and can do this with you at your Enrolment Appointment.

In the meantime, it would be advisable to look through our Course Offer and consider alternative course choices to discuss at enrolment.

You may wish to provide us with early notice of your circumstances by emailing Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk – please provide your full name, all of your GCSE Results and the course(s) you had planned to take, as well as any changes you are requesting or considering.

If you have not met our requirements for a BHASVIC Study Programme, please see the FAQ directly below.

I didn’t get the GCSE grades to meet BHASVIC’s entry criteria for Study Programme. What happens now? Please contact Admissions tel: 01273 859 810. If you prefer, you can also email Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk.

We will assess your overall GCSE grade profile and confirm with you whether you have met the entry requirements to take up a place at BHASVIC. If you have not, then we will be able to advise you on how to find alternative progression options and you may also wish to contact your school for support or the Local Authority Careers Service near you.

Will BHASVIC make exceptions to the entry criteria this year because of disruption to learning caused by Covid-19? We recognise that 2021 is an exceptional year. However, given the move to grades calculated by your school, BHASVIC will be adhering to its Entry Requirements this year.

BHASVIC does not seek to undermine the grade awarding process completed by our local schools and will only accept official exam results published by the Awarding Organisations. Near misses will feel particularly disappointing to some students, but to manage our admissions processes to avoid oversubscription on our courses, we need to draw the line somewhere, and to ensure consistency and fairness to all this cut-off point will always be at the grade boundary between meeting the required grade or not.

Any special consideration or extenuating circumstances need to be accounted for in the grade awarding process and will not through adjustment to the college’s entry requirements.

I didn’t achieve the grades I needed for my place/course choices at BHASVIC and will be taking autumn GCSE exams. Can I start at the college/on my chosen courses and change courses if my Autumn Exam Results are not better? Unfortunately, this is not possible. The autumn exam results will be released at a point where it would be too late to change course or leave BHASVIC if your grades had not improved to meet our entry requirements. In addition, this is not a positive start to academic study, not knowing whether you would be able to stay at the college or on your chosen courses.

Will a place at BHASVIC/on my courses be held open for me until I get my autumn exam results? Unfortunately, this is not possible. We cannot enrol you at the college or on to chosen courses for which you do not qualify, having received your published grades. The autumn exam results will be released at a point where too much learning has passed for you to then start at the college or on your chosen courses. Please submit a helpdesk form (at the top of this FAQs section) with this information.

I intend to take autumn GCSE exams to improve my grades. Do I do this at BHASVIC or my previous school? BHASVIC’s advice is to avoid Autumn GCSE Exams, because studying at sixth form is demanding and quite a step up. The last thing that you should be doing is to also be preparing and revising for your old GCSE courses when you are wanting to make a really good start to your sixth form studies. Sixth form and studying at Level 3 is demanding and in virtually every case the best decision is to focus energies on the deeper and more challenging studies you will be starting, as well as focusing on the transition to college and all the opportunities and changes this brings. Please see our Exams webpage for further details about the Autumn GCSE Exams series.

I won’t be able to attend my enrolment appointment. What should I do? Please email Admissions admissions@bhasvic.ac.uk giving your full name and an explanation and we will be in contact with you in due course.

I won’t be able to attend the start of BHASVIC as normal (for example because I am in quarantine, not in the UK, etc). What should I do? Please contact Admissions tel: 01273 859 810. If you prefer, you can email Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk.


General Admissions FAQs

Is BHASVIC oversubscribed? Every year there is a chance of the college being oversubscribed. If we are oversubscribed, we will keep anyone this affects up-to-date throughout the admissions process.

When BHASVIC is oversubscribed, how are applicants selected for an offer of a place? Is it by grades, references, postcode or extra-curricular activities? We select randomly by postcode for students who are in our Category 3 area (see Admissions Policy) who have chosen courses which are oversubscribed.

Which subjects are often oversubscribed? We do not reveal this information as we want students to select courses they would like to study, not courses which they think will give them the greatest chance of gaining a place at BHASVIC if we are oversubscribed. Oversubscription on courses fluctuates each year, with different courses being in scope from one year to the next.

What happens if my final GCSE results don’t meet the entry requirements to study at BHASVIC? We will guide and support you at interview if it looks like you are not being predicted the required grades. Likewise, at enrolment, we will advise and support you in finding alternative study if you have not gained the grades. If you are close to the boundary of our minimum entry requirements, we also strongly advise you to have a Plan B progression pathway from school and not only have BHASVIC as an option. Please check our Entry Requirements carefully.

What happens if I don’t get the GCSE grades for a specific course at BHASVIC? You will not be able to take up that course, but we will provide guidance and advice about a course at BHASVIC for which you do qualify and agree that with you for your Study Programme. Please check our Entry Requirements carefully.

Will not knowing what I want to do after BHASVIC affect me getting a place? Not at all – knowing what you want to do after college is not a requirement or part of our selection criteria to study at BHASVIC. If you choose a course which is heavily oversubscribed, we may ask you your reasons for choosing that course, to help us manage the oversubscription. Probably more than half our students who start sixth form are not sure what they want to do after BHASVIC, and many of the other half who do know will change their mind as they get into their BHASVIC courses.

I’m a private GCSE candidate, or I am Home Schooled. What is BHASVIC's position on me meeting its entry requirement? If you will not be receiving a full set of GCSE Results and you have not already discussed this at interview, or your exam results circumstances have changed, please email Admissions@BHASVIC.ac.uk giving a full explanation of your situation. We will aim to resolve any complications and enable you to progress with your education.

I feel like I have not learnt as much due to Covid disruption and am worried that I will struggle at sixth form! For those young people who are concerned they may have fallen behind in their academic abilities and feel they may be at a disadvantage when starting Sixth Form, we have three key reassuring points to make to you:

  1. We’ve got this for you! Our teaching teams and staff are experts in what they do and our curriculum delivery for you when you get to BHASVIC will enable you to regain your momentum and will support the closing of knowledge and skills gaps. There is time at sixth form to do this and you will catch up.
  2. If you feel you are lacking in any critical aspects of your Level 2 (GCSE, etc) learning, which form important building blocks for sixth form study, then do take the time and opportunity to use the extensive revision content available from your school and from central locations such as the exam boards and BBC Bitesize, to practice and close any knowledge or skills gaps you are concerned about. However, our advice is to not worry about this and to enjoy this break in academic demands whilst you have your end of secondary school summer holidays, which you have earnt!
  3. The independent study skills you will have been developing due to lockdown learning put you in a more developed position than past students. Each phase of education requires a jump in independent learning skills and the jump from secondary to sixth form is a notorious one (as is often the jump from sixth form to university and from any education to the world of work). We believe you will be an advantage here – even if you have not faired so well during lockdown learning. Despite national media rhetoric about lost learning, which has of course occurred, we’d stress at BHASVIC that this is overplayed and there are other skills that have been developed. Also the need to take up those social opportunities with friends and family and to follow your hobbies and interests are more important to your future success.

I hope this reassures our prospective students, their parents, carers and schools and this provides options and ideas for those of you who are worried about lost learning or are impatient to continue to develop your learning.

Can I take four A levels at BHASVIC? Yes. We will advise you at interview and enrolment about this. Please see our extensive advice about this here.

Are BTECs as good as A levels? The BTEC courses we offer at BHASVIC are all A level equivalents and carry full UCAS Points.

Why do some courses have charges? For those students studying Fine Art, Photography, Textiles and Graphic Design, by purchasing direct from specialist educational suppliers we secure the best discounts for bulk purchases of materials. We ask you make your contributions in advance at Moving on Day, so that we can facilitate early ordering which enables us to offer unlimited use of resources during lessons. For students following performing arts subjects, advanced contributions are used to secure education group discounts for performances where advance booking is required. For students studying Geography, advanced contributions are used to secure education group discounts for field trips and field activities where advance booking is required. Further information regarding course charges can be found here: www.bhasvic.ac.uk/parents-carers-dashboard/payments-and-donations

What are the average class sizes at BHASVIC? On average, classes are twenty students. Maximum class size is 22 students and on rare occasions we enrol 23 students into a class. Each class includes a wide range of students and you will get to have discussions, groupwork and learning opportunities with a diverse and enthusiastic fellow sixth formers, who can advance your thinking and help you develop as an individual.

What will my timetable be like at BHASVIC? Sixth Form timetables are very different from secondary school timetables. You will have some late starts and early finishes, as well as some free study periods between lessons, as the norm. Independent study is a critical aspect of sixth form study and our library and other social and study spaces are very popular onsite. Please take a look at this example of a BHASVIC student timetable.

Will there be any form of remote teaching from September 2021 and onwards? We strongly suspect not, but cannot be absolutely certain. BHASVIC will use the best of the discovery and learning we have made in adapting to online and remote delivery, but our delivery of onsite, live and in-person lessons are expected to be normal throughout the academic year.

What IT equipment will I need as a BHASVIC student? You are advised to have a laptop or other device which connects to the internet, has a screen and keyboard and on which you can produce your college work. A quiet place to study at home is also a good idea. We have schemes to get education discounts for your own computer equipment and we also strongly advise you to let us know at interview or at any other convenient point if you do not have access to study IT at home and come from a home with low income – we would seek to provide support to you if this is the case and more information can be found here on our website about the 16-19 Bursary (look under Financial Support).

In most cases, a windows laptop will be a good option for sixth form students, and BHASVIC provides each student with an Office 365 account, giving access to the Office suite of applications and all the online learning platforms we use at the college. The college has a high-quality Wi-Fi system and you have access to your college files from compatible, internet-linked devices through SharePoint and Office 365.

Whilst you are here – we wanted to signpost you to the fact that as a BHASVIC student, the Dell Advantage Scheme enables students to buy a Dell computer with a discount voucher giving you up to 20% off.  You can spread the payments over 6 or 12 months.  To make use of this scheme, go to the Dell Advantage website or see further details on BHASVLE.

What support is there at BHASVIC if things don’t go so well for me or I am experiencing difficulties with my personal life or my studies? Please take a look at our Support Services Webpage for information about all the outstanding support we offer at the college.

What’s the college doing to help save our planet from environmental damage? BHASVIC has a roadmap to become carbon neutral. We think it is important as an education provider to address humanity’s impact on the environment and we know that our students expect that of us. We involve our students and they are the most important stakeholders to us in being a green and sustainable college.

What opportunities are there to do extra activities and gain further experiences at BHASVIC? BHASVIC offers ‘portfolio courses’ in your second year of study with over 60 to choose from. These courses are shorter courses, taught by a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced teacher or practitioner, and cover an extensive range of subjects and skills, including academic topics and themes, specialist practical skills development, wellbeing and employability skills. Examples Film Music, BHASVIC TV, Geology, Mind and Movement, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Politics for Beginners.

Can I study the EPQ (Extended Project)? Yes, we have first year and second year study options.

Is the Duke of Edinburgh running at BHASVIC? Yes, we do Silver and Gold Award (you do not need to have Bronze to do the Silver).

What Clubs and Societies are there at BHASVIC? The college also has an extensive range of options for students and the majority of these are run by students for students. If something is missing and you want to set it up, the Student Union have a budget and expertise to support you and, because of the size of the college, if you are interested in something there will be plenty of others interested in that too. Examples include our FemSoc (Feminist Society) and Debating Society. Check out our Enrichment webpage to see more.

What kinds of trips, visits and speakers happen at BHASVIC? Too many to mention here. Many curriculum departments run residential and one day trips locally, nationally and abroad. There are a number of cross-college events to get involved with, such as the skiing trip or expeditions. Curriculum Departments and the Guidance and Student Services teams bring in a wide array of visitors and speakers to inspire, motivate and develop your learning and your future.

Are there any awards or competitions I can get involved with through BHASVIC? Yes, many curriculum departments promote local and national awards and competitions. Check our latest Newsletter to see some examples.

Is it possible to do any work experience or work placements through BHASVIC? Yes, we have a specialist Work Experience Coordinator and each subject area, as well as our tutorial system, provide support to gain experiences and placements. In some instances, a placement is an essential part of a qualification.

We are in the process of updating this page, please be patient whilst we make these changes.

On our BHASVIC website, we have extensive information for you about our Student Services. This is a good starting point for any support you need.

What support services are available to me while we are a virtual college?
All college support services are up and running as close to normal as we can get them. So anything you need, from your tutor, careers, advice on HE, study skills, student services, Additional Learning Support, welfare, bursary, financial support and counselling can still be accessed – just through email and online routes. Drop them a line, using the hyperlinks and let them know what you need. We’ll do our best to help.

Will my Additional Learning Support still be provided?
If you were already receiving support from the ALS team, they will continue to support your learning remotely during this period.

Onsite Provision

The college site will remain open for students who meet approved criteria by invitation only. They will be contacted directly. We are not open for students whose preference is to work onsite. All bursary students have (or have been offered) IT provision. There is very limited ability to provide additional equipment but any requests should be directed to Guidance Managers who will be able to assess individual need.

How can I access library resources?
A vast number of library resources are available online and can be accessed through the Library page of BHASVLE. If you want to e-mail with a specific question for library staff, please e-mail library@bhasvic.ac.uk

Will I still get money for my Bursary and Free College Meals?
Students in receipt of bursary and free college meals will be receiving money directly into bank accounts during this period. We have and are still contacting students who meet certain disadvantaged criteria to assess whether we can help provide IT equipment. If you haven’t heard from us and you need help with IT, please speak to your tutor in the first instance. If you have a particular question relating to your bursary or financial support contact your tutor or e-mail bursary@bhasvic.ac.uk

How can I best support my mental health and wellbeing in the current situation?
Please see our wellbeing page on our website with many resources to help you.

Young Minds have some good advice on how to look after your mental health while self-isolating and social distancing. These focus on the importance of staying connected, staying calm, and offer advice on how to deal with stressful situations at home along with helplines and resources that may prove useful to you.

The NHS also has a useful information page which also includes some wellbeing audio guides on how to manage low mood, anxiety, sleep problems, low confidence and assertiveness and unhelpful thinking.

Our existing website pages on young people’s support are a good source of information and also consider using the following link with contact details inviting you talk to a Primary Mental Health worker from the Brighton and Hove Schools Wellbeing Service

Is it still possible to talk to someone at BHASVIC about how I’m feeling and any worries I might have?

Yes, of course. Do remember that your personal tutor, student services, and welfare team are all still here for you and can be contacted via the college e-mail, Teams or VLE.

For those of you who are currently seeing the counselling team they will be in touch with you, if they haven't already been, to discuss support for you throughout this period.

 Who do I contact if I have a safeguarding concern about myself or someone else?

Contact your tutor, or email safeguarding@bhasvic.ac.uk or if urgent, use the emergency mobile contact: 07483 914 376 (9am to 4pm Mon-Fri only). Please note this phone number is only monitored during term time only.

 What if I need support during holidays, evenings or weekends?

Our existing website pages on Young People Support and Services are a good source of information for emergency and non-emergency situations. In an emergency or for immediate crisis support, phone 999 or the mental health rapid response service on 01273 242220.

Do I need to engage with my tutor and the tutorial programme?

Yes! Your personal tutor will tell you how they expect sessions to work and how they will deliver material to you. Tutors will be following centralised resources (available on BHASVLE Tutorial pages) and will provide online support for students in their tutor groups by checking-in regularly and messaging through virtual one-to-ones. Please follow instructions you are given from them.

I am a parent/carer working from home, how can I keep my young person focused with their learning?

A good first step would be to have them share their timetable with you, so that you can see when they are usually in lessons and when they might be expected to be engaged in online learning. Talk to them about what they have been learning, and if you possibly can, and ask them to explain to you how they are planning to use their time.

The FAQs below are exceptionally common for students, especially at the start of term. There are extensive guidelines on the BHASVLE to help you understand and access all our college systems. These can be found from the top navigation links on the BHASVLE “IT Services”.

If you cannot access the BHASVLE, then navigate from the BHASVIC website and choose Students from the top menu. This will take you to the Student Dashboard – your hub to everything at BHASVIC. There is an IT Help Desk icon where you can request account help to access BHASVLE.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions which can be answered via the BHASVIC Student Dashboard:

  1. How do I find/log into my BHASVIC Student Email Address?

  2. I don’t know my login details for the BHASVLE/Advantage/365/Teams – what should I do?

  3. When I try to log into a BHASVIC account I can’t, but my username and password are correct – what should I do?

  4. How do I set up my Wi-Fi access at BHASVIC on my phone/laptop?

  5. I can’t get into one of my student accounts from home – what should I do?

  6. How do I manage my printing and printing credit?